Ray Rivers - Beyond Therapy

Ray Rivers - Beyond Therapy
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If relationships or life circumstances are stressing you out, holding you back, and blocking your connection to the simple unconditional love that is your true spiritual nature (whether or not you are "religious") then I say...

Come on - let's break through!

To deep inner peace.

To radical personal power.

To the relationship you long for!

To strong and joyful new ways of Being.

Professionally, I have seen private clients and led groups since 2009. I have worked extensively at The Neuroscience Team, Families Plus, the Frederick Mental Health Association, True North Wellness Centers, and, for seven years, at Catoctin Counseling Centers. I am a certified Open Focus treatment provider, supervised by Dr. Les Fehmi at the Princeton Neurofeedback Center. Groups I have led include Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, Substance Abuse, Anxiety and Depression, Anger Management, and Sex Offender - I have also done extended work with victims of sexual abuse.

At the Neuroscience Team I provided Neurofeedback treatment using state-of-the-art Brainmaster equipment in addition to my couples and individual therapy. As True North's partial-hospitalization therapist I served those dealing with the most severe trauma and mental health issues. Working national and local suicide and crisis lines I took over 4,000 documented calls at FMHA.

An example of help that I offer is with:

Relationships through my Relationship Rescue program

Individual therapy with one-on-one programs

Shadhuliyya Sufism, a spiritual path of enlightenment, inner awakening, and spiritual healing. Sufism and psychotherapy both use similar approaches to help individuals mature emotionally and mentally.

Tele-Sessions: Sessions are available through the phone or via video conferencing if needed






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 Caring and Effective, 12-28-2017

By: Kathleen D.

Ray dropped everything for a friend of mine who was having a crisis with a family member. He immediately took control, stabilized the situation and then created a strategy for therapy, Since then, the family member said Ray saved her life. He was amazing.

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