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Spike Consulting | Education Consulting, Business Networking, College Planning in Baltimore MD
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Is your family losing sleep over how to afford sending you to college?

Spike Consulting excels in helping people find their way through the college process. We can help you get started, or provide support for you along the way in your educational journey. When you have questions about your college education, we can help you find answers.

Finding money for college

If you need help figuring out how you are going to pay for your tuition, we can connect you with the proper resources. We know a lot about tuition payment plans and related topics!

Take the first step

Is your family struggling to send you to college? If the answer is yes, call Spike Consulting to help guide you through the process. We assist clients in college planning, tuition payment plans and more. Call Spike Consulting, because with the right plan, everyone succeeds!

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 parents, 02-09-2018

By: Kristine and Casey

Dear Gary,

This is long overdue but on behalf of Casey, Taylor, and myself we are truly thankful for the time and wealth of knowledge you have given us through the college process. You went well beyond our expectations with providing many level of insights and the tricks on the financial piece with the college tuition.
Taylor is loving, thriving, and happy with Roanoke College. It has been a great fit for her personality. She played on the volleyball team her 1st year at school but due to her rigorous class schedule decided not to play this year. During her Sophomore year, she has joined a Sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha that offers great leadership roles and volunteer opportunities. She has an on-campus job working in the History Department. She has planned to graduate a semester early in Education with a Minor in History. She is taking her end of Junior year to study abroad to either Ireland or Italy.
I will be contacting you shortly as we approach our middle child. She's a rising Junior being heavily recruited for Division I Women’s Lacrosse. It will be interesting to know how the athletic scholarship and the college tuition will come into play as we narrow down her top 5 schools.

Thank you Gary for your hard work and dedication to us and with so many other families! We look forward in working with you again.


Kristine and Casey

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 High School student, 01-06-2018

By: Elizabeth

Gary - Thank you for helping facilitate the ride along with White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company. We did not get many calls, but I enjoyed it and learned a lot. The three people who I went with had a lot of knowledge, were fun to be around and were generally very nice. Thank you for all you do and for helping me gain experience.

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 client, 12-23-2017

By: Gary

Gary - I wanted to pass on to you a huge heart-felt thank you for all you did for us in getting my daughter to USC. Sorry I was not so easy to deal with at times. You were a champ talking me off that ledge! I must say that, by far, this has been the most arduous experience of my entire life. You are terrific at what you do, Gary. Keep it up and make more kids’ dreams a reality.

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