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Spike Consulting | Education Consulting, Business Networking, College Planning in Baltimore MD

Spike Consulting | Education Consulting, Business Networking, College Planning in Baltimore MD
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Is your family losing sleep over how to afford sending you to college?

Spike Consulting excels in helping people find their way through the college process. We can help you get started, or provide support for you along the way in your educational journey. When you have questions about your college education, we can help you find answers.

Finding money for college

If you need help figuring out how you are going to pay for your tuition, we can connect you with the proper resources. We know a lot about tuition payment plans and related topics!

Take the first step

Is your family struggling to send you to college? If the answer is yes, call Spike Consulting to help guide you through the process. We assist clients in college planning, tuition payment plans and more. Call Spike Consulting, because with the right plan, everyone succeeds!

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 Business Owner

By: Sharon Greenbeck

I have been a part of Gary's networking groups for several years. I can honestly say that he cares about the quality of his groups, and works to ensure that the members have good experiences with quality referrals. I would definitely recommend trying out Spike Business Networking.

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 Licensed Settlement Agent

By: Nicole Clement

We hired Gary the owner of Spike Consulting for our 2 sons college planning needs last year and grateful we did! When I ask individuals, "do you have a college planner?" the immediate response is, "yes we have a 529 fund for our child". Well that is all fine and good but Gary does more then guiding someone to where the money should be invested, after all that is what a good financial planner is for. Gary assists with helping your child find the right school for your child and will assist you with the tools and resources you don't have the time to find, such as added financial assitance, scholarships you've never heard of and ways to negotiate the continued rise in tuitions with the financial aid office.

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By: Nicole Clement

Thank you Gary McCammon Jr. for your personal home college planning get together. #my#1collegeplanner. If you don't have one your missing out.

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